March Match Up – Fresno State

A recent study conducted by the Chancellor’s office for all of the California State University campuses revealed that 43.7% of students at Fresno State face food insecurities. President Joseph Castro and his wife Mary Castro decided to help these students, who may sometimes go without a decent meal for three days or more, by opening The Student Cupboard. This on-campus food pantry helps supply about 3,200 students per month with food items they can take for the day, the week, or the month, depending on their needs. Our guest Mary Castro tells Lisa Casarez and Vikki Luna the importance of the March Match Up fundraiser, which will match  your donation up to $25,000. Their goal is to raise $100,000 which will help keep the Student Cupboard open for a year.

To donate to this worthy cause, please click on the following link: and click on March Match Up

Lead with Excellence

In order to become an excellent leader, according to Vikki Luna and Lisa Casarez, you have to surround yourself with people who possess the skills you lack in order to balance you out. You also have to become an encourager, a cheerleader, and someone who can keep realistic expectations, while sharing your knowledge and experience. Be a mentor, someone who leads by example, because Vikki and Lisa tell us a good leader is nothing without a team. So be the best you can be and do it with joy and hope.

Successful Mission – Nicaragua

Angels of the Light podcast has again invited Rene Mocada to talk about the successful mission to Nicaragua. Rene tells Lisa Casarez and Vikki Luna how many people in need received dentures for the first time, fulfilling the promise of Project Hope. He also shares the visit the volunteers made to the town of Macuelizo to bring the small community much needed supplies.

If you are interested in helping, call (559) 268-0000 – ask for Lisa

If you would like to donate to Project Hope or Hope Village –

Surviving Addiction

This episode of Angels of the light allows us to understand addiction through the testimony of a graduate of the Light-House Recovery Program, which helped her overcame her substance abuse. She now serves as a role model to other women struggling with addiction.

If you would like more information about the programs offered at the Light House please call 559-222-4824, and if you would like to donate go to:

Hoping So And Knowing So

Lisa Casarez and Vikki Luna tell us that hope and faith go together hand in hand and that God will give us whatever we need so we can embrace hope regardless what we lack on this earth. They tell us God wants us to walk in hope but he also wants us to know who we are in him, and to have confidence that all things will work out if you stay connected to the hope that is him. Turn your hope so into know so and that hope will take you to a place of joy where you will experience a life of faith.

What Is Love?

“To love is to receive a glimpse of heaven.”~ Karen Sunde
In this podcast Vikki Luna and Lisa Casarez talk about the meaning of love. They tell us the greatest gift is the ability to love and that love is a commitment, a journey. Love is compromise and finding common ground is the key to be able to compromise. Find your commitment. Find what you are committed to, whether that is a romantic partner, a friendship, an organization in your community, or a cause. Find out what you love and how you are loving the people around you.

Just Needed to Say Yes – Nicaragua

Operation Hope and Hope Village in EstelÍ, Nicaragua was a calling for Rene Moncada, coordinator of the project which began four years ago with only three people and a dream to bring the universal language of a smile to Nicaragua. Presently the project has grown to 14 volunteers who travel to this Central American country to provide dental care for hundreds of people, most of them elderly and poor. Rene is a guest of Lisa Casarez and Vikki Luna in this podcast and tells us how God spoke to him to come and serve and all he needed to do was to say yes!

If you want to help with donations, please contact them at : or call (559) 268-0000

Faith or Fear?

Fear will try to paralyze you; it will stop you from reaching your goals or achieving your resolutions but, as Lisa Casarez and Vikki Luna tells us, if you do things of which you are afraid with faith, you will conquer your fears. Lisa and Vikki tell us we don’t have to be afraid of the storms in our lives because we are learning through the storms how to sail our ship. They want to encourage us to be people of great faith and to overcome our fears.

Love Has No Color

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

As we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr’s legacy we acknowledge that the way to extinguish darkness is to overcome it with love. Vikki Luna and Lisa Casarez share their thoughts in this podcast on how to overcome prejudice by unlearning the biases that we carry as individuals, if we start seeing people as God’s creation then we can see their heart. They also tell us not to let others dictate our value or let them take away our power because we can’t choose how people treat us, but we can choose how to respond.


Giving oneself

“The human contribution is the essential ingredient. It is only in the giving of oneself to others that we truly live.” -Ethel Percy Andrus

Lisa Casarez and Vikki Luna tell us about the importance of voluntarism in this podcast. They would like for everyone to be a part of an organization, a ministry in 2018. The success of non-profit organizations is due to the heart of the volunteer. Every person can be part of the solution, can be an instrumental tool and have an impact on people’s lives. They believe there is true joy when you give from your heart and change the world